Amenity Recommender is a system of artificial intelligence solutions for the hospitality industry. It is the first system developed by our client Acquaint, who initially provided AI solutions exclusively for hotels, resorts and related businesses, but have expanded their services to a virtually endless array of industries. 

We built this one practically from scratch, starting with a logo that had to visually represent both the hotel industry, as well as precise and practical artificial intelligence solutions for business performance optimization. Warm, pastel colors and sleek sans serif fonts with a timeless style were a perfect fit for such a project. 

As we take great pride in taking care of even the smallest details, we have once again decided to amplify the core message of the client by using an adequate domain. For Amenity Recommender, our choice was to use a .rec domain, as it is a shorter version of the company’s name and for leads and clients, it will be very easy to remember. 

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