Getting brands off the ground and taking them on a journey of strong online presence begins with an amazingly designed website. Our web developers have the keen eye and the know-how to create enticing visuals combined with a user interface that is functional and engaging. And it works across all devices, platforms, and screens.
Marketing can be a tough game. Each campaign that we do is different because no client is the same, but the principles of great marketing remain the same. The Lead Me Media Crew is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships between companies and clients, establish powerful brand awareness and loyalty that ensures continued presence across traditional and digital marketing channels.
Every brand needs an online presence, but that’s not where campaigns end. Social media can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal if applied correctly. It is the basis of interaction between individuals and brands, as well as between businesses. Managing social media channels is our forte. We create specialized social media marketing campaigns based on designated target audiences which enable brands to reach their goals, deadlines and the numbers they need.
You want your brand to look amazing. We want that, too. But enticing visuals are not enough. Practical design is what makes it functional. Among our crew, you’ll find officers specialized in both graphics and digital design, with years and years of experience in branding, rebranding, print, and digital campaigns, commercial and even non-commercial work - because that’s how much we love designing astonishing things.
Do you want to stand out among the crowd? Of course you do. Online, that is even harder. With Google Adwords, it can be easier, but only if you have the right people managing your account. This is where Lead Me Media steps in. No matter your budget, our analysts will set you up with brand-specific keywords and Search Engine Optimization that will get you to the top while your competitors are left behind, in a galaxy far, far away.
Content is what fuels modern marketing. Good thing we’re stacked up on fuel, then. Our crew consists of content production experts who can deliver the goods in different mediums: printed, digital, written, video, audio and yes, animated as well. Everything is custom-made. That content needs regular management, too, which is what guarantees continued progress for any business. We like to make things simple and efficient, and manage websites with a single interface.
Online metrics, data, numbers, charts and graphs. This is what we dig deep into, making sure all details are taken into consideration to see what your brand is doing right, where all the bumps in the road are and how to overcome them. Then we create the most effective solutions and implement them. Our crew will keep you constantly updated with regular reports and campaign updates that will answer any questions you might have.
Today is the day you meet your new customers. Your current customers remain happily stuck on to your brand and keep coming back. Get used to this, because that is the kind of development Lead Me Media wants for your brand. When flying with our crew, lead generation isn’t a chance or an option, it’s a sure thing. We combine our vast experience with innovations and tech skills that guarantee new leads.

Case studies

Skyline Robotics

Skyline Robotics is a tech company developing automatization services that simplify work processes. They have produced an advanced robotic window cleaning solution and needed a website that emphasizes the cutting edge nature of their innovations.

Our redesign of their website took an existing user interface and focused on maximizing efficiency while giving it a visual overhaul in tune with their pioneering vision. The result is a futuristic design that is interactive, simple to use and aesthetically exceptional. Using Webflow, we built a powerful platform that easily communicates with potential clients and non-business visitors alike.

Before After
Before After
Before After

Run Croatia

Run Croatia is an independent sports organization dedicated to promoting and hosting races in Croatia and around the world. Their goal is to connect people and help local communities while endorsing a healthy, active and all-inclusive lifestyle.

They needed a website that will instantly inform visitors about their goals, current, and upcoming events, and enable running enthusiasts to quickly apply for races. An online home that showcases track maps, personal blogs, and their partners. Our design focuses on maximizing the functionality of each segment of their web, looks sleek, loads super fast and implements consistent branding. Built in Webflow.