How to create a website whose target audiences are both parents as well as their children? That’s the challenge that faced us when helping out Cluville. They are the creators of some of the most popular Escape Rooms games around the world, and Cluville is their adventure for kids. Our assignment was not only to design their website, but also to create characters associated with each Cluville adventure room. And yes, we brought it all together. was designed specifically for the company’s Montenegro branch. The characters that we developed based on their rooms - Dr. Vicky, Kid Detective, Robo, aliens and their supporting cast - all have distinct personalities, but are all connected through shared Cluville branding. 

Information is easily accessible and call-to-action points are placed precisely throughout their website. Striking visuals and a matching color palette gives way to entertainment, giving the whole website an aura of fun. Cluville is a website with a pulse.

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